All properties in DOID

Label Id Description
DO_AGR_slim DO_AGR_slim
DO_CFDE_slim DO_CFDE_slim
DO_FlyBase_slim DO_FlyBase_slim
DO_GXD_slim DO_GXD_slim
DO_IEDB_slim DO_IEDB_slim
DO_MGI_slim DO_MGI_slim
DO_RAD_slim DO_RAD_slim
DO_cancer_slim DO_cancer_slim
DO_infectious_disease_slim DO_infectious_disease_slim
DO_rare_slim DO_rare_slim
IEDB alternative term OBI_9991118 [An alternative term used by the IEDB.]
NCIthesaurus NCIthesaurus
TopNodes_DOcancerslim TopNodes_DOcancerslim
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
adjacent to RO_0002220
auto-generated-by auto-generated-by
causal relationship with disease as subject RO_0004023
causally related to RO_0002410
causes condition RO_0003303